Two Phases 1. Go 2. Rest

The Power Yoga and YOD classes are the get up and go. Take the action and get the work done, do the thing, make the phone call, write the letter and yeah you get it. It tends do be out of your comfort zone. Do the thing the first time it comes to mind, not hours later or when its….even to late. In Power Yoga and YOD we focus on alignment and working from our bones. We look at the body in anatomical neutral and then strength muscles that may need to be strengthened and stretch other muscles that need to be stretched. In both classes you will sweat you will build heat. How do you bend metal? You heat it up. So sometimes we need to heat to shift to transform and make a change in our life. You may want to stop and it’s not because we are going fast or out of alignment. It’s sometimes even slowing down the movement and focusing on alignment makes it feel “hard”. Sometimes slowing down is more intense. I called MPY Power Yoga because the word power inspires you to become your authentic self. Supporting you to listen to what your body, heart and spirit needs in any given moment. To me that is power. Being unapologetic proud and happy for you sharing yourself with the world.

The other phase is REST! Yes rest - meditation, stillness, YIN, Restorative and Yoga Nidra. Self care like massage, acupuncture, salt baths and you get it. At MPY being able to take yourself to both phases is the trick. You will not be able to get up and go if you don’t take rest. In the rest phase we are working on calming down the mind, the heart rate, the body and the nerves system. Calm the CNA and allow the parasympathetic nerves system to take the action. Allow the body to take on some deep tissues healing and releasing, The body, mind and spirit need both. Do a Yoga Nidra and be determined to allow your hearts desire to arise. Just like YOD - your own determination. Taking rest could also be out of your comfort zone.

As you can see I am very passionate about this! The 2 Phases at MPY. 1 Go 2. Rest

It’s a balance and sometimes it’s hard to know what one is needed. In that situation, I invite you to get still and meditate for 10 minutes and you will know what to do. Sometimes life knocks you down and forces you to rest. Listen to that as well. Sometimes life give you opportunities to get up and go and make the thing happen. Enjoy them both and find the balance in the moment and watch the magic happen.

Danielle Love jokinen