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Workshops and events are created for you to expand and deepen your yoga practice. You will learn new tools, insights and experiences to take to your weekly classes and to your life.

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The Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Course with Baptiste Institute Staff

DATES: Saturday & Sunday | June 22-23, 2019 | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
COST: $489

The Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Course is an introduction to the foundational methods for successfully instructing a Baptiste Power Yoga based class. For over 20 years Baptiste Power Yoga has been the best in the world at developing teachers who deliver extraordinary and high impact experiences in the classroom. We believe the best place to learn new skills and knowledge is inside of where you will be applying it in real situations. Therefore, over the two days of the course we will put our attention on the 11 sequences that make up an effective and inspiring Journey Into Power class. This will serve as the structure for our learning. For the most part you will be learning by experiencing and doing. The concepts and methods in this course are sourced from many years of trial and error and practical experience of what works in the classroom.


  • instructors who want to deliver extraordinary and high impact experiences in the classroom.

  • anyone interested in becoming an Instructor and learning what it takes to instruct an effective and inspiring Baptiste Power Yoga class.

  • non-instructors who wants to develop new skillfulness and depth of knowledge in their practice.

  • anyone who is interested in the next level of personal growth and development regardless of teaching experience, level of yoga practice experience, fitness level, age or yoga background.


  • A foundational education to begin instructing a Baptiste Power Yoga class

  • New skills and technical knowledge to better use Baptiste Power Yoga methodology

  • Learn what it takes to become a successful Baptiste Power Yoga teacher


  • Conduct a Baptiste Power Yoga class

  • Hold high standards of mechanics in yoga poses

  • Apply foundational methodology for successfully instructing a Baptiste Power Yoga based class


  • Day 1 | 9am - 6pm (doors open at 8am for registration)

  • Day 2 | 9am - 5pm (doors open at 8:30am)

  • There will be a 60 minute lunch break so we recommend that you pack and bring a lunch.

When you complete this course you are invited to register into our global community of certified teachers with a Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential*. This designation is for anyone who wants to further develop and empower themselves through the Journey Into Power practice as well as those who are inspired to teach Baptiste Power Yoga and hold a formal credential. You will also have the opportunity to apply for studio affiliation and become a part of the Baptiste Power Yoga global affiliate community.

*Additional fee for the certification application process.



You will embody the  YOD Methodology and lead YOD from a way of being.  You will refine your skills that create an impact in the students bodies and hearts. You will feel the impact that rest has on your HIIT practice and how to balance the two in mind, body and spirit.  You will experience balanced action in your body, and be able to teach from your experience. You will create a magical journey in the classroom and in your community.


  • Experience how YOD transforms your body, mind & spirit

  • Learn YOD Movements and anatomy

  • Learn how to fully rest with Yoga Nidra, meditation and a restorative practice 

  • Learn and embody the YOD practices of yoga, HIIT, mediation, inquiry  and rest  

  • Discover the power intention in a YOD class

  • Define why you teach YOD, and be in optimal alignment to your purpose 


You will be confident in the YOD Methodology and align up to your highest potential to teach YOD from being of service. You will have a new skill of YOD rest and restore. You will develop leadership skills to facilitate specialty YOD workshops and the rest phase and the get up and go phase of YOD.


Level 1 & 2 Certified YOD Teachers


DATES: June 28-30 | Friday 5pm – 9 pm | Saturday 9am – 9pm | Sunday 9am – 5pm

Fee: $549.00