Being in the Flow

We do a yoga flow weekly and what does it really mean to be in the flow? Baron says don’t do yoga, be yoga.  What does that mean and how do I do that?

Flow is a state and way of being. Flow is an experience to live into and out from.  To enter a flow it starts with an intention. An intention where you want to grow into and or expand more in and out from. It’s in a certain area that you want to have something happen that isn't happening yet. And the intention will show up in all the areas of you life and it starts by narrowing in and looking at one.

We like to celebrate at the studio and of course we celebrate birthdays. It was Katrina’s birthday last Friday and her intention for this year is bliss. So let’s all see and support her in bliss mode. After talking with Katrina, it reminded me that last year my birthday intention was expansion and faith. Faith that Evelyn would make it home and expansion of MPY and YOD. Evelyn is home and MPY and YOD are both growing. And faith is showing up allll over my life in ways right now. I just got done bringing YOD Level 1 to Kentucky!

That was my intention last year, this year my intention is a fairy tale . The year of a fairy tale. At that time I didn’t know what that would look like. I felt messy and scared and I said it from my core and my heart. " I am a yes for a fairy tale."  And I can see myself moving and living into that minute by minute. Mainly I feel so happy.  And isn’t that the end of a fairy tale? They lived happily ever after. And why wait till the end or when this date comes. I am living my fairy tale now and full of joy, bliss and gratitude.

That is being in the flow. Enjoying each moment as it arises and loving what that present moment brings. Being with your intention with right aim. Holding on and letting go. I love my fairy tale and not attached to how it shows up and or how it plays out.

When you wake up in the morning or next time in class, set your intention and let yourself be gotten by it. Let it go and see. Be in the experience of whatever arises and love it. Because whatever shows up is an opportunity to support you into your fullest experience of yourself. In your flow state that you get to create. Go create!

Danielle Jokinen