Feel to Fly

My intention for the 40 Days to Personal Revolution was “Feel to Fly” It was the first 40 Day Program that I did at my studio that I did and did not lead. I had access to be a student of one of my students - teacher - leader. With just that I am blessed and proud. It was a magical 40 Days. The meetings that I did get to attend left me feeling the power of MPY in a humbled and grateful way. The studio is a power yoga studio yes and it is a place for sharing, for journaling, for asking questions and letting others cry and for meditating and for feeling scared for feeling powerful, for truly allowing you to feel what is arising in you. Through the group sharing it gives access for others to feel connected, to let them feel - not so alone and therefor allow more healing and love to enter in. The program gave me access to see the power in just signing up for the program is impactful in a positive way and what you get out of the program is what you are suppose to get out of the program that time. With the sharing in the group meetings I was able to take time for me. The last few years I have been taking care of my two year old, running the studio and growing YOD. I am blessed to have them all in my life and I was able to really just be with me during the 40 days. I got access to feel. My intention just came to life. I am contenting to feel and yes I do feel light. I feel light and I am so ready to fly. Some days I don’t feel that light and that is part of the journey. I continue to commit to my intention and therefor I am rising. I invite you to set intentions daily. Let go of the outcome and let it unfold how it’s suppose to unfold. It does still take action and a commitment for it to happen with out trying so hard. What will be will be! Enjoy the journey and I’ll continue to feel to fly over here. Whats your intention?

Danielle Love jokinen